From the recording All God's Children Sing

Written and performed by Jerry Salley, Lauren Spring and Bo Spring. Produced by Very Jerry Records.


No one loved to sing as much as old man Spencer did
He sat behind us every Sunday when I was a kid
His voice stood out from all rest right behind the beat
One thing that you could count on is he’d always be off key
Well, he taught the congregation how to make a joyful noise
And I loved to watch the choir’s faces when they’d get annoyed
Though preacher shared our pain, he never said a thing
He just smiled and reminded us that all God’s children sing

When the angels grab their harps of gold and strike a mighty chord
Every voice in perfect harmony will give praise to the Lord
And they’d sing hallelujah, hallelujah to the King of kings
When we get to Heaven, all God’s children sing

Though it was cracked and broken, his voice could still be heard
He loved all the old familiar hymns and sang out every word
From That Old Rugged Cross to I’ll Fly Away
It sure did sound amazing when he sang Amazing Grace
Down here he wasn’t good enough to stand up in the choir
But he always knew that someday soon he’d get his heart’s desire
Now he sounds just like angel, his golden voice, it rings
Today he’s joining Heaven’s band where all God’s children sing