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Whoa, 2020. 

Whoa, 2020.  Where did all my shows go?  Why am I suddenly a homeschool teacher/maid service/short order cook shut-in?  Don't get me wrong, I'm alive, healthy and living in paradise with my family.  I know that.   But I MISS music.  I miss the energy, the catharthis, the general high I get when I get to play with my friends for my friends.   

I'm gonna do what I can to retain sanity and part of that willl be posting some music and musings here.  I was so incredibly grateful to get to walk on the beach when they opened that back up that I thought this song was appropriate.

Solo Shows

All shows are currently postponed or canceled due to COVID-19.  


Krickets Shows:


The Krickets @ Monticello Opera House

Monticello Opera House, Monticello, FL

Our 5th Annual Very Merry Krickets Currys Christmas!
We'll be doing two socially distanced shows with very limited seating. One at 2pm and another at 8pm. Come feel a little. Christmas cheer with us!!!

Bo Spring Band Shows